A charming hotel (69) with allure of the art gallery.

Between charming hotel and art gallery.

A delicate perfume of art and flat exoticism on Le Tilia. In this charming hotel in the heart du Rhône (69), the love of good meeting the love of beauty. André Chouvin builds bridges: between tradition and modernity, between Rhône and Australia, between art and gastronomy. From the corridors of the hotel to the dining room, large canvases dress the walls of their evocative and vibrant colors. Candidates and poetic, these works signed Tracey Chouvin invite to a dreamlike journey, shores of Lake Joux on the edge of Australia. Portraits and landscapes rub shoulders, sketching a unique and personal pictorial universe. Here, the gastronomic experience and artistic experience intertwine: it’s also that makes all the singularity of this charming hotel on the outskirts of Lyon.

A family story

The artist behind these works is not unknown: it is not other than the chief’s wife, Tracey Chouvin. Encountered during his American adventure in Boston, it is she who will invite him to put his suitcases in his homeland, at the other end of world: Australia. Later, it’s his turn to leave his homeland to settle in Joux (69), in the heart of the Rhone. A new adventure that is not without challenge: Tracey Chouvin is not French speaking and struggles to overcome the barrier of language. Never mind: she invents her own pictorial language, a language where she paints in oil. In his works, she tells her story, painting her impressions, imagine a singular universe and heart touching.

A philosophy: Art brut

Self-taught, Tracey Chouvin did not do of art school. Some would say it’s a weakness, she made it a strength. She learns with local artists, by drawing art, sculptures, ceramics and stained
glass. Disciple of the Art Brut, Tracey Chouvin adopts a sincere, visceral and spontaneous approach. The result are canvases that are modern impressionist paintings rich of a deep symbolism. Vibrant colors, transmit and catalyze the emotions of the artist. Tracey Chouvin plays with the codes of stained glass and Byzantine Christian art. Right here bucolic, there enigmatic, her works are candid contours and voluntarily simplistic echo religious symbolism. She recounts her straightforward journey between sensuality and spirituality.

Notice to the purveyors

You may fall in love with the works As in a authentic art gallery you can do the acquisition of the paintings of the artist. Do not hesitate to contact the teams of the hotel or restaurant to find out more and- who knows ? – return from your stay in our charming hotel with a souvenir unique, precious and an investment.