André Chouvin at the controls of the Restaurant Le Tilia in Joux (69)

The Chef’s Journey

Born and bred in Tarare, a few kilometers from Joux (69), Andre’s love for gastronomy began when he discovered at age 8, he decides that he will be chef. He made an explosion in the ovens of his grandmother. And today he continues to create an explosion in your palate. André Chouvin’s apprenticeship started at 15 years Restaurant Jean Brouilly. Once he finished he joined the kitchens of Jean Fleury at the Hotel Frantel de Lyon. Experiences with Great French chefs follow one after another: the immense Paul Bocuse in Collonges-au-Mont-D’or, then the Haeberlin brothers at the Auberge de l’Ill and finally the Lorain family in Burgundy. Marc Haeberlin then makes a proposal Which Andre could not refuse: take over the reins of Le Julien, Boston in the United States, to reinvigorate the restaurant. The challenge to raise the standard, And after Andres mentorship the restaurant ranks among the 50 best American restaurants, Julia Childs recounted it as her favourite meal. But Chef Chouvin’s career is also the story of a meeting: the meeting in Boston from the one who shares today still his life: his wife, Tracey Chouvin, Australian of origin. When she returns in her native country in 1994 she takes the French chef and his suitcases. It’s the beginning Of a new chapter in the career of André Chouvin. The master restaurateur opens two successful award winning restaurants, the Café de la Galerie and then the Feast, as well as a wholesale company of bakery and pastry. In 2007, André Chouvin and his wife, and four children then farewell Australia to write a new page of their story here in Joux at Le Tilia.

Le Tilia, Andre returns to his origins

Back in France, it’s natural on his homeland as Chef André Chouvin takes up his quarters. Close to Tarare, where everything started almost 40 years ago, the chef opens the Restaurant The Tilia in Joux (69), as a matter of course. From his travels and wanderings, he keeps a love of surprise, a free spirit. The Tilia is a homecoming, Andre Chouvin is fond of local products
sourced from Lyon, but do not forget his discoveries exotic. Like the Australian Wattle seed, who reinvents creme brulee, spices and condiments give to his plates subtle enigmatic flavors … A aromatic mystery scent hangs over the kitchens of the Chef Chouvin.

His creative cuisine, between classicism and Innovation but truly satisfying.

His cooking, Chef André Chouvin sees it as a reinvention. A motto: innovate, but always in the greatest respect of the product. With love, rigor and passion, the chef revisits classics of French gastronomy. Nourished by his gastronomic discoveries abroad, he delivers a reinterpretation personal and daring repertoire from his culinary lyonnais. His compositions marry traditional know-how and associations of surprising flavors, mixed with exotic fragrances often telling a story on the plate.. This reinvention, is very personal. The cuisine of Chef André Chouvin is in perpetual motion, in constant evolution. Every trip to LeTilia brings his inspiration of discoveries. The menu varies constantly, according to the seasons and the desires of the master restaurateur. In the plate: controlled proposals, creative and gourmet, that are the focus to local products.

Awards & Distinctions

At the controls of the Restaurant Le Tilia in Joux (69), the Chef André Chouvin attracts the recognition of his peers as criticism. In 2009, he joined the circle of “Toques Blanches Lyonnaises”, a peer group of leaders sharing the same ideals, the same love of Lyon soil. Since several years, the inspectors of the Guide Michelin also salute his cuisine which perpetuates the Lyon
tradition, sprinkled with a touch of exoticism. These distinctions in addition to that of “Master Cook of France “, already received in 2004, in Australia. But the most beautiful reward is maybe the smile of the customers, who more and more people are coming to the doors of Tilia through word of mouth.